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Greetings All!

Ever since I spent $500 on a very limited version of sendmail for windows in 2002, I found myself wanting to build a better, cheaper, messaging system. Exchange was out of my range, and seemed bloated for my needs; which is a simple easy to install messaging solution which includes SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. I tried many commercial solutions after abandoning the windows sendmail (their support abandoned the software as well) and they all had their pluses and many minuses. A common theme though was the most robust solutions that suited my needs were the most expensive and/or license restrictive solutions. I felt there was a need for a solution that would be cost effective for small businesses but feature rich enough for even the large enterprise.

This project actually started in 2003 as a C++ solution. I picked up a copy of "Programming Internet Email" by David Wood (O'Reilly Press) and read the standards thoroughly to understand the process and procedures for the systems. I had a working SMTP and POP server by the end of the year.

As projects go, this one was set aside and I got chin deep into .NET development at work. It wasn't until around 2005 that I revised the idea again, this time wanting to see if the mail servers could be written in After re-writing the services in .net I once again set the project aside for other endeavors.

It wasn't until I found codeplex, a Microsoft-centric open source community, that I started to look back through my personal projects to see which would benefit myself and others the most via the open source community. With still no real robust open source mail system available written for the .net runtime (without significant additional applications installation) I set out to release a new version of the services I had written. This time, rewritten in C#, and extended using all the latest coding methodologies I could come up with. I have released the source code to this ongoing project, in hopes that it can be a group effort between myself and like-minded developers who want to create an extremely useful and cost-effective solution.

Please join me in building this messaging suite into a robust solution that can compete with the likes of sendmail, postfix, exchange, etc. and show what the .NET platform can do.

This project will be developed in Visual Studio 2008 for the .NET 3.5 Runtime. Future revisions will be compatible with MONO 2.0.

Overall Project Status: Planning

Current General Project Tasks
  • Common ServerLib Library: 95%
  • SMTP Console Test Server: 90%
  • POP3 Console Test Server: 30%
  • IMAP Console Test Server: 0%
  • Administration Console: 0%
  • RBL Server Plugin: 100%
  • Spam Filter Plugin: 0%
  • Virus Scanner Plugin: 0%

Project Leaders

Business Analyst: RobK410
Software Project Manager: RobK410
Architects: RobK410
Developers: RobK410, infoconex
Testers: RobK410
Release: RobK410
Database: RobK410

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